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What is Monarch Academy? 

​The word monarch comes from two roots: monons, meaning ‘alone’ and arkhein, meaning ‘to rule’.  God is the Supreme Monarch and is the Designer and Creator of forms. He is the One Ruler, who contains the attributes of Lordship. Taking inspiration from this, our curriculum is about learning through creativity and design, where students actively participate in learning with their minds, bodies, and hearts. 

You may have heard the term monarch in reference to the monarch butterfly, a wonder of God’s creation. We were inspired by two aspects of the monarch: its metamorphosis and migration. The monarch’s transformation from egg to caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly captured our hearts so much that we saw ourselves, our students and our work in it. Also, the monarch takes a 3,000 mile long, arduous journey, amazingly following the same route and stopping at the same flower beds as its ancestors did, as if to continue a centuries-old tradition. In the monarch’s determination and tradition, we found our model. ​
Monarch Journey