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Our Mission

To provide a mentor’s aspiration:

Wonderful, God-centered education.



Inspiring the next generation
To uplift themselves and their nations
Through wonderful, God-centered education. 

Who We Are

​Monarch Academy was inspired in the hearts of a team of teachers and youth mentors who, by working with young people for decades, saw a need for beneficial knowledge delivered in the context of young people’s real life experiences. We believe gaining beneficial knowledge ought to be engaging, enjoyable and enduring.  When searching for resources to satisfy this need, we often had to create our own lessons and develop the kinds of experiences we wanted to give our kids. 


​It started with youth camps, getting young people out under the open sky to learn and grow. Youth camps were a creative challenge, requiring ingenuity and organization to send kids home satisfied and happy. With each experience, that creative muscle became stronger and more doors opened up. These were the doors of classrooms, masjids, rec rooms, basements and living rooms of our community, where Blessed Bonds and Iron Faith groups started to meet regularly. In fact, you may have been there with us, sitting with your friends, craft supplies strewn about the room as you cut and pasted, enacted and created your way through the stories of Prophets and Companions. We saw that those stories came to mean something to you and how those lessons stuck.

​We wanted to capture those ‘subhanAllah’ moments and make them a reality for young people everywhere, so we embraced the growth and started to support groups in several states. This family of faith was a driving force that motivated us to keep working, building, and enhancing. As we found joy in this special gift with which God gifted us, we wanted to reinvent it and share it. This academy is not just our journey but yours as well. Glad to have you on board!