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Why Study the Companions? 

They stood to his right and left, by the side of the Messenger of God ﷺ, closing ranks and supporting the only source of true light in their world. A thick, untamed jungle of ignorance surrounded them, with hundreds of vices intertwined together: arrogance wrapped around injustice, oppression sprouting from greed, cruelty rooted in disbelief. They knew the task before them was a tough one: to clear a path through this jungle and make way for the light to emerge. The beginning was grueling, and every kind of sacrifice was asked of them in order to fulfill their mission.

​They would do anything for him ﷺ, so intense was the love he had fostered in each of them, so perfectly he had molded them, each of them unique and yet perfectly blended together. And so they set forth, paving the way and, as the light began to filter through the jungle, bringing hope, justice, and faith. Today we have the privilege of walking the path they so painstakingly carved. They are the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad; the champions of God who broke new ground for our faith, branching out into the darkness with an enduring light, our heroes and examples. 

In a world where fictional and fantastical superheroes have captured people’s adoration, we wanted to show you that there are real, flesh-and-blood heroes from our rich history. They are the men and women whose lives orbited around the Messenger of God. 

A hero is defined as a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Who better to fit this description than each and every one of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ? Each one distinct and molded by the Messenger ﷺ himself, coming together as the finest community the world has ever seen. These are our heroes, torch bearers, inspiration, and motivation. Each Companion has a unique story, and there is something for everyone through their collective experiences. Examples are one of the best ways to learn.

The Prophet ﷺ and his Companions are these examples, through which you can see faith in action. These legends will show you, firsthand, the values and ideals that a believer aspires to and the unequivocal beauty of their development, through the men and women who rose out of the darkness to shine for all eternity. The Companions helped to illuminate Islam over the last 1400 years to reach us. 

One of the greatest blessings is recognizing the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad as our role models. Many of us know their names; in fact, some of us are named after them! We are called ‘Bilal’, ‘Khadija’, and ‘Zayd’, but we don’t always realize the weight behind these names. Each of them was a person of great heroism. We do not know their stories or what gives them such distinction. Yet, God the Almighty bore witness to their greatness and expressed great pleasure with them when He said: 
God is pleased with them, and they are pleased with God. [al-Tawbah 11:100]

Join us as we retrace their steps, travel, learn, cry and laugh with them, and experience their triumphs. See the companions like never before, and make their journeys your own. As you walk their path, feel yourself grow and change. Let their inspiring stories be part of your metamorphosis.