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Monarch Academy Mentorship

What makes a great mentor?

  • You are at least 18 years old. Our students love college and graduate mentors who are younger and can better relate to them.
  • You are professional and uphold high ethical standards regarding commitments, timeliness, and community building.
  • You are a practicing Muslim who loves God, the Qur’ān, the Prophet , and the righteous. Your Islam is central to your life as you strive, inspiring those around you!
  • You are passionate about what you do. You energize the classroom with your excitement and enthusiasm to engage our students.  


Mentoring with Monarch

Personal & Professional Growth

World-class Monarch Curriculum


Mentors will get to use the tried-and-true Monarch Curriculum that is rich in content and full of activities.


Gain teaching experience in a spiritual environment &Work with youth and be a community contributor

Basic Mentor Training


Mentors will be trained by our educators to use the curriculum and can supplement it or adapt it for their local communities.


Gain basic instruction in educational principles & methods. 

National Networking 


Mentors will be able to connect with other Mentors across the country.


Connect with passionate educators across the country. 

Advanced Mentor Training & Support


Mentors will attend training and have further access to support from our educator team.


Mentorship from experienced educators. 

Enrichment Programs


As we grow, Monarch plans to offer enrichment programs to our members.


Insight into supplementary programs to enrich teaching & education.  

Exclusive Monarch 

Curriculum Content


Mentors will access beta testing course materials and help shape future curricula.


Insight into cutting edge Islamic Studies curriculum 

Compensation commensurate with experience


Mentors will be paid at the end of each Fall and Spring term.


Competitive compensation 

How to Get Started as a Monarch Mentor

In 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1. Fill out the mentor application form. Monarch Academy will contact you for an interview after we have contacted your references.

Step 2. Review Monarch Academy documents.

Step 3. Sign our Mentor Agreement (below) to indicate you acknowledge and accept the requirements of the Mentor role.

The Monarch Method
How to Use a Monarch Unit

  • Register for a course on the Monarch website. Scroll to the bottom of the Home Page to see the courses we are offering, organized by age group.

Please note: Your students must also register for the same course. It is best if they register before the first session. Your students will need to bring their own tablet or laptop to class in order to read the course material and follow along with you. Your students should also use a notebook for the course.


  • Complete the lessons in order. Each Unit will consist of Five Stages. The Five Stages of a Unit usually are covered in 10-14 sessions. Do not skip any part of the Unit to allow your students to get the full experience. 

  • Share your feedback (and student work) on the course discussion board after you teach a lesson.

Take photos of the great work you’re doing and share on the WhatsApp group. We would love to see your projects, games, and displays. Tag us @monarchacademy_ on Instagram, so we can feature your group!

How to Prepare a Monarch Session

To prepare for the first session of a Unit:

  • Read over and understand the entire Unit from Stages 1 to 5 to understand the trajectory of the lessons.

  • Start with a brief icebreaker to set the tone for the year. Do not spend too much time on this as the students will get to know each other over the course of the Unit. For further details, please see Establishing a Good Rapport below

Please note: The best way to prepare is to 

over-prepare for every session

If the session should take 2 hours, 

plan for 3 hours of content and activities and even be prepared to go into the next lesson. The main goal is for students to 

never have downtime 

and be engaged in learning and 

positive socializing for the 

duration of the entire session.


To prepare for each following session:

    • Review the lesson and how it fits into the unit. Over–prepare lesson content and activities. 

      • Read stage descriptions and instructions.

      • Collect all materials needed for activities, including any printouts.

  • Practice the delivery of the lesson and the execution of the activities so that it rolls off your tongue and you are confident in each step. For further suggestions, please see Teaching & Mentoring Best Practices below.

  • Communicate clearly with the Parent Admin Committee in regard to any issues that arise in which you need their support. If there are any changes in scheduling, make sure you give notice well in advance. 

  • Communicate prior to class with the Parent WhatsApp group about any logistics or materials the students will need to bring. You will see in the units that we often mention a list of props, or other items that may be readily available (from the students to bring) to make for a more effective and engaging session.

  • Set up the meeting space for lessons and activities by arriving 10-15 minutes early.

  • Take attendance at every session to make sure participation is recorded and registration is up to date. Check-up on students who are absent with a phone call or message after the class. 

  • Use the meeting space respectfully and ensure your group cleans up after themselves.

  • Send a summary after each class. Include the lesson you taught, any tasks to be completed before the next meeting, and pictures of activities. This should be on the same day, and at most within 24 hours. 

Establish and maintain a professional code of conduct and handle disciplinary issues tactfully.