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Parent Admin Committee

Parent Admin Committee

How to Start a Monarch Academy Group in 5 Easy Steps


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Step 1. Form a Parent Admin team with two other parents. This team facilitates all logistics and communication. 

Step 2. Review website info and handbooks. 

Step 3. Secure a group meeting location and make an interest list of 15 students.

Step 4. Recruit two mentors/teachers. We can help recruit if we have mentors in your area.

Step 5. Sign up with us and admin your group in accordance with handbook guidelines.

For details, consult the Parent Admin Committee Handbook.



Independent Educators

Affiliated Groups

World-class Monarch Curriculum


We allow Monarch Academy curriculum to be used by all interested educators who register for our courses.


Basic Mentor Training


We offer Basic Mentor Training
to every interested educator.


Mentors will be trained by our educators to use the curriculum and ways to adapt it for their local communities.

Group Name

Educators should share that they use Monarch Academy Curriculum but  should not name their groups  Blessed Bonds or Iron Faith.


Groups will be able to use the Blessed Bonds or Iron Faith  names for their groups.

National Networking 


Groups will be able to connect with other Blessed Bonds or Iron Faith  groups across the country.


Educators will need to independently manage all student administrative matters.


Groups will work with our centralized registration system to keep track of registrant records and payments.

Host Training & Support

Educators will need to independently manage their groups’ logistics.


Group Hosts will receive guidance and training.

Advanced Mentor Training & Support


Group Mentors will attend training and have further access to support from our educator team.

Enrichment Programs


As we grow, Monarch plans to offer enrichment programs to our members.

Exclusive Monarch Curriculum Content


Groups will access beta testing course materials and help shape future curricula.