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The Metamorphosis Framework

metamorphosis framework

Stage 1 Features

  • Story or primary text
  • Big (Main) Idea and Enduring Understandings for the unit
egg 4

Nestled in an opaque egg and barely noticeable, a creature stirs. Its monarch mother placed the egg in the safe palm of a milkweed leaf, knowing her offspring’s taste and needs. In a short time, the egg’s walls give way for a tiny caterpillar to crawl out. Almost instantly it starts to eat! First it eats the eggshell itself, and then the leaves surrounding it.

Stage 2 Features 

  • Quran, Hadith, and Du’a connections
  • Content review

The caterpillar, ravenous for nutrients, does virtually nothing but eat and grow. Its once tiny body has multiplied several times over into a robust caterpillar, stretching and molting layers of skin, until it’s dressed in a bright yellow coat interspersed with black stripes. When it can’t possibly grow another inch, the caterpillar knows it’s time for a different kind of change. In search of a new identity, it begins to spin a cloak of silk around itself.

Stage 3 Features

  • Activities that correspond with the Enduring Understandings
  • Discussion and reflection prompts
chrysalis 3

The chrysalis cocoon envelopes the caterpillar, and a hidden transformation begins. The caterpillar breaks down and rebuilds, taking the components of itself and reconfiguring them into a new form. Over time the cocoon begins to change color, vibrating with the promise of an impending miracle. Finally, the layered cavern gives way and from its translucent folds emerges a set of wings still wet and heavy.

Stage 4 Features

  • Real-life stories, scenarios, and plays to better understand the takeaways of the unit
  • To-do list for habit formation
  • Field trip and guest speaker suggestions related to the unit
butterfly 4

The fledgling butterfly begins to try out its newfound form, slowly expanding, stretching and testing out its wings. A few tentative flutters give way to short flights, as the butterfly skittles from plant to plant, filling up with sweet nectar. 

Stage 5 Features

  • Human interest stories related to the unit
  • Poetic lyrics and songs
  • Culminating project

The wings strengthen and now the butterfly soars, dips, and dives sailing through the sky. It sets course on the same path as its ancestors, migrating thousands of miles to complete its life journey and ultimate calling.

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