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Why Learn With Us

Not just a textbook!



Every Big Idea and Enduring Understanding is rooted in faith. We always bring the focus back to a proper understanding and application of faith. 


Real stories about inspiring historical and contemporary Muslims from around the world putting their faith into action.


Quran, Hadith, and Duʿaʾ Connections for each unit so students can memorize the Sacred Sources, relate them to stories and their daily lives, and put them into action in the activities.


Color-coded Quranic verses to highlight them in the texts and activities.


Dynamic story or focus text written in flowing English in a contemporary American idiom.


A wide range of activities that engage and reinforce the learning through all the types of Intelligences: Naturalist, Musical, Logical, Existential, Interpersonal, Kinesthetic, Linguistic, Intrapersonal, and Spatial.


Age-appropriate activities for Elementary, Middle, and High School students to develop and challenge young minds.

Special Features

We have created a dynamic curriculum appealing to all types of learners, inspired by God’s creation, and rooted in Bloom’s Taxonomy – all while keeping in mind the diverse strengths of educators and students alike.
Bloom's Taxonomy 2- (2)

Growth Mindset & Holistic Learning

At Monarch Academy, we prioritize godly growth, holistic learning, and a joyful application of Islam. Our Curricula, Programs, and Learning Circles aim to guide and positively transform students spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Activity-Based Learning

The Monarch Academy experience helps you teach in a dynamic way that reinforces students’ diverse strengths while differentiating instruction and using activities that appeal to multiple intelligences.
Our approach directs young people’s curiosity to explore, experiment, model, and create in a direction that will bring them closer to God.
We believe in rooting submission to God in curiosity about the world, creative problem-solving for the sake of God, and practicing Islam with our hearts set on God.
The curriculum provides hands-on content at all levels of learning, providing mentors with everything they need to help students attain higher-level understandings, apply ideas, and make connections to the world around them. ​

Easily Accessible

Islam is not only for the home or the masjid; it is a way of living, thinking, and doing that transcends any physical wall or deeply dug foundation. For this reason, we needed a model of inspiring and joyful education that could adapt to a wide range of atmospheres.
We started 10 years ago with in-person learning circles in the homes of families in the Chicago area, and now we are expanding into learning circles, schools, mosques, and youth groups across North America. Our online curriculum makes teaching and learning Islam easily accessible from any space where a gathering of believers meets.

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