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Why Learn with Monarch Academy?

​Do you want to teach Islamic studies in a way that will appeal to kids? Do you aspire to bring creativity and hands-on experiences into your classroom, but aren’t quite sure how or have the time to gather resources and create lessons from scratch? We’ve got you covered! 

We serve teachers, youth leaders and parents who long for quality resources rooted in authentic tradition that are relevant, engaging, beneficial, and creative. Whether you are a classroom teacher, youth group leader, or parent, you are a mentor. As such, you are the bridge between the learners and their learning. 

Multiple Intelligences
The Monarch Academy experience helps you teach in a dynamic way that satisfies students’ diverse needs by incorporating multiple intelligences. Our approach directs young people’s curiosity to explore, experiment, model and create in a direction that will bring them closer to God. The curriculum provides quality hands-on content at all levels of learning, providing mentors with everything they need to help students attain higher level understandings, apply ideas and make connections to the world around them. ​
As you deliver our curriculum and bring it to life for your group, you become an important source of feedback for us. We look forward to replenishing, modifying and rejuvenating our work based on your experiences. We intend to keep growing our Monarch curriculum, and you are an essential part of this mission.